Verizon Customers: Is a 2 Year Contract Best Right Now?

| March 21, 2011 | 1 Reply

With all the talk of lock,unlocking, and Verizon phones let’s take a moment to consider another type of locking down: Your cellular service contract. Normally I would always advise against the two year lockdown VZON likes to try to force you into. It’s usually only $70 more for a device on a  one year contract. With the New Every Two program dissolved, this is even more important.

Right now, however may be a bit different. Verizon has already promised tiered data is on the way(likely iphone 5 launch), you may be better off signing up for two years to try to stick that $30 data plan in place. With the unlimited data plan also including LTE service at no additional charge, it’s a pretty good bargain. If you do not have 4g LTE service in your area, you can still take advantage. In a conversation i had with a Verizon rep, I confirmed they are treating all data as data. So if you end up getting the 4g switch flipped later on in the year, you would still be safe.

This idea should be taken with a  grain of salt. There is a line in your contract that states Verizon can change your cost at any time, with notice. Upon getting notice, you do have 60 days to opt out of contract with no penalty. Do you think Verizon would be gutsy enough to try such a move? Are you considering renewing to a two year agreement to lock in pricing? Do you think the new data plans will only be for 4g LTE service?

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  • M engineer says:

    I was considering switching to T-Mobile to have access to better phones,aka Nexus S, but now that ATT bought out I’m not. I’m already locked in unlimited data with my 25% off for federal workers but the rate VZWs going who knows what future hold with the thieving bastardos