Verizon pushes HTC Thunderbolt app into Android Market, we beg for release…

| March 10, 2011 | 1 Reply

Well by now you are probably tired of hearing about the upcoming, sometime soon, in the first half of the year, HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon. Be prepared to hear more…
Verizon just pushed an Android app called “VZW htctbolt device showcase” into the market, and it essentially gives you a tour of the features of the HTC Thunderbolt. Sadly it doesn’t give us a release date, but we do see that Skype is being left out of the party.

Droid Life says:

Speaking of features, Skype with video is no where to be found in any of the demos included in this app. There are mentions of video chatting across the globe, but the term “Skype” is absent the entire time. It’s starting to look like an open-ended time frame, just like we reported on back in February. The fact that Skype is still missing from the VZW 4G site is also not helping the situation. Yikes.
And moving back on to good news! One of our connects over at Big Red informed us that certain areas were asked to “demo out” 4G SIM cards and submit the SIM IDs to be activated for Thunderbolt demo units today. And when I say “today”, I mean that this task was to be completed by the end of the day. Not tomorrow. They also mentioned that when asked to perform this similar task for 4G mobile broadband cards, that they had product within a week.

Source: DroidLife.

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  • Phoenix_forty says:

    Vzw navigator for the thunderbolt is also on the market now.