XOOM getting OTA update starting tonight! Gets your XOOM ready for Flash 10.2

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Let the XOOM updates begin! Since the XOOM launched with a lot of stated features MISSING out of the box we knew it would have a lot of Over The Air updates in its future and it looks like Motorola is starting one of them tonight! With official word from Motorola on their Twitter and own forums have confirmed a new software patch coming in those love it or hate it phases. One of the big pluses to this update is it “prepares” your XOOM for the upcoming Adobe Flash 10.2 which at the XOOM launch Motorola stated would be coming in the next couple of weeks and it looks like with this update they may hold true to that!

One minor annoyance to receive the said update if your XOOM is rooted/unlocked you will need to revert to the STOCK software and relock your XOOM. If I was a rooted XOOM user I would hold off just to make sure this will not patch any methods used to root the device and if it does I’m sure the wonderful Android developers will come up with a new way to reroot soon enough.

So Ninjas excited to see a software update already? Own a XOOM and happy to see Flash coming hopefully soon? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


Making good on their word, Motorola has just let everyone know that the first Motorola XOOM update is going to start rolling out tonight in phases. While Adobe Flash was missing at launch, Motorola did say it was coming later. No, you’re not getting Flash tonight but this update will help that process along when it comes time. If you’re rootedand what not, you’ll likely want to hold off just a little bit so that the file can be looked at but, if that’s not a concern for then by all means– have at it should you see the update pop up tonight for you. [@Motorola]

*Update* Official word comes to us via the Motorola forums: “If you have unlocked/rooted your Motorola XOOM, you must restore it to the standard software load and relock your device to receive the notification.”

Source: Android Central

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