Android OS overtakes iOS for most desired in cellphones

| April 27, 2011 | Reply

The world of tech geeks, businessmen and investors said that 2011 would be the year of Android OS overtaking iOS. It’s already happened. While Android still has a while to go as far as tablets are concerned(see our xoom article from yesterday) phones are coming fast and with any spec you could want. For the first time, Neilson is reporting that iOS has slipped to second with a loss of 3% to 30% and Android has gone up to first with an increase of 5% to 31% in polls of the US consumer market for what phone they want next.

Keep in mind that will likely change in about June once Apple announces it’s iphone 4gS. Apples plus and downfall is they only offer one phone per year, so they sell a ton early then it slows until the next. Android is of course, a much different story. It’s open source and anyone with a fatory in China can come up with something and sell it.

Source: Nielson

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