Blind Gamer Uses Sound to Beat Video Games

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For people who say “that can’t be done” this story is for you. Just because you may be handicapped in some way should never stop you from pursuing your dreams, and those dreams can become true if you put your mind to it. I hope this story inspires those with disabilities to chase those dreams. I have personally played Zelda before, but even with both eyes I could never beat it. Terry Garret is blind and he beat the game by sound alone. Kudos to you Terry! You have inspired me, and I hope inspired others to never give up. Let us know what you think below.




You’d be hard-pressed to find a gamer who couldn’t hum a few bars of the theme music for Nintendo classicThe Legend of Zelda. (It’s in your head right now, isn’t it?) But, one uniquely talented man uses the game’s sounds–and nothing else–to navigate through fan-favorite Zelda title The Ocarina of Time. But, since he’s blind, Terry Garrett really has no other choice.

A profile on descrbes how Garrett went blind at age 10, but still learned to play the classic action/adventure game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee with help from an older brother. The audio design in the game–where every footstep, enemy, and action makes a recognizable sound–lets him map out the game to the point where he can get through it without dying.

Now, Garrett’s working on finishing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Friends help him research the game, and supplements with walkthroughs that help him know what to expect. Aside from the incredible focus Garrett exhibits by picking out every sound in the game, it’s also impressive that he’s able to hold all that information in his head without visual fallbacks (arguably even more impressive than playing chess blindfolded).

Source: Techland

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    Wow awesome story Michael! Good find!

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    Hey guys, Just found this article, and thanks for putting it up. if you want to keep up with my gaming, please follow me on youtube, channel name is MegaTgarrett, or find me on face book under my name. thanks again for posting this article, keep gaming!