Commodore 64 is Back(amiga in black)!

| April 7, 2011 | Reply

If you are my age or older, you remember seeing a commodore 64 at your friends house and being jealous. Unless you had one when you were young, in which case I was jealous of you. Either way, they are bringing the keyboard computer back with some decent specs for a compact machine. The company is taking preorders now for a couple configurations and models, which should be available for preorder if you can get through all of the 503 error codes on the site.

The cool thing about this is that you get almost an exact replica of the old C64. The case spec size and color is the same, with updated internals. You will get an Atom dual core processor, 2 or 4 gigs of ram, a DVD or Blu-Ray drive, hdmi output, and a likely crappy keyboard if its anything like the original. The awesome added bonus: You will be able to run a c64 emulator and play the old school games and apps. They will run about $600 if you decide to impress old nerds with one of these units.

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