Droid Incredible 2 unboxed, available for preorder soon

| April 20, 2011 | Reply

I have taken issue with Verizon lately. It started with the HTC Thunderbolt and it has now carried over to the Incredible 2. What is the issue? Well since the Iphone4 has come out big red doesn’t seem to be caring all that much about hyping up it’s android phones. You might say…wait the Thunderbolt had all that press! Well it did, then it was pulled, then it wasn’t really advertised with a release date and most of the people waiting for it were stuck clinging to a new rumor every day. The night before it came out when I went to go meet with my regional sales rep about picking one up, there wasn’t one sign in the retail store for the Tbolt.

Now to move past my rant. The incredible 2 is supposed to be out a week from Thursday, on the 28th of April. Wirefly is going to start taking preorders at 3am eastern time on the 21st. There is a short video of the guy from wirefly opening the box and turning it on, but he cant get past the activation screen. He promises a full review tomorrow. Maybe he should try the four corner trick that works on every android device?



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