Follow @TMobile to help @kmobs win a Gslate – And maybe win a GalS 4g

| April 26, 2011 | Reply

This is a pretty awesome gesture by T-Mobile. As of now we have seen Verizon come up with some crafty giveaways for upcoming phones and hardware. This time, cyanogen team member Kmobs tweeted Tmo, challenged them to give him a gslate if he can get them to 100,000 followers in a week and they accepted. To add even more incentive they have offered up a Galaxy S 4g as part of the contest. The cyanogen team is the most valuable asset to the Android hacking community and I hope everyone who reads this follow to help this guy out on his birthday wish. You don’t see the devs in team douche begging for money or asking for free devices from random people. All you have to do is follow @TMobile and message them with #KmobsChallenge to be entered and help. Good luck, @Kmobs

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