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XDA Developer Boushh over at has been quietly building a following for his fantastic work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab from VZW. @KhasMek (as he’s known on twitter) successfully ported the Voodoo and Voodoo Sound enhancements into his own custom kernel (Which is based on the recently released EC02 kernel source) for the Galaxy Tab, bringing the voodoo recovery along for the ride. Being an owner of the Tab myself I use all of his work. His Voodoo kernel screams when overclocked to 1.4Ghz, and the lagfix makes it even better. Coupled with his ROM “K-LeanMod” (which can also be found on XDA) your Galaxy Tablet from Verizon goes from “just fast enough to be good”, to “HOLY %*#&”!

On top of his K-leanMod ROM, Boushh also has released an AOSP ROM (which is built from @_jt1134_ ‘s original build) for the Galaxy Tab as well. This being a true AOSP ROM, there is no TouchWiz in this bad boy. Just straight AOSP (Although we must note that this is a Beta at the moment, but rest assured he is working on it). I’ve yet to personally try this one, but I may just jump on this one tonight.  

Boushh is currently working on some unannounced projects for the Galaxy Tab from Verizon that will surely make all you Tab owners happy. If you’re a Tab owner, and are looking for more of Boushh’s work, follow him on twitter @KhasMek and us here @TheGizmoNinja for all the latest in VZW Galaxy Tab development! Thanks for all your great work Boushh! You definitely deserve some recognition!

Kernel Download and instructions HERE (changelog in post)

K-LeanMod ROM HERE (changelog in post)

AOSP ROM and Kernel download HERE (changelog in post)

Do you run any of Boushh’s work? Show him some love in the comments section below!

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