How many trees were destroyed to make this commercial in a forest?

| April 11, 2011 | Reply

I’ll admit, a gigantic gravity marimba is a pretty cool thing. It would take a lot of work, design, patience and brains to build this thing. I start watching this video and think, wow what a beautiful place. The sounds of the forest, the streaming water, the sweeping landscapes are all breathtaking. Then as I think a little more while watching this little ball roll on down the marimba I start to realize things. This wood has to be precisely cut. I see some perfectly milled wood in there. Are they just trying to give more sound to nature? OH, no there’s the end. It’s a commercial for a cell phone. The words touch wood are on the screen. Now that it’s over my thoughts once again turn to the making of this thing. How much forest had to be cut down to advertise your product that you are trying to spin off as environmentally friendly? Just kind of ironic if you ask me. Look below you’d like to see the video and possibly…..touch some wood.

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