If you own a Notion Ink or Viewsonic GTab, you have obsolete hardware (what?).

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Notion Ink had a dream. Make an amazing tablet that trumps everything out, sell a ton of them and keep making more. They have run into problem after problem and have not really managed to sell many of these units. They have been plagued by delays, software updates bricking them, lack of fcc approval, poor build quality and a return policy that makes them not close to worth buying.

Viewsonic had something. I don’t know if it was a dream or a scheme but it worked. They managed to be the first out with a dual core tablet running android. Out of the box it was laggy, buggy and the viewing angles are terrible. That being said, it is one of the most supported tabs by the dev community and runs pretty great once you get aftermarket roms on it. It seems to have sold well and as of now can be had online for about $300. Not bad for dual core, 16 gigs, 10.2 inch capacitive and great battery life.

Now both are dead in the water despite the intention they had been sold with. A few other models are included as well but these two are the most popular. Google has a new approval system for supporting the OS that they develop. Without goog support you wont get hardware support. That’s what Nvidia has proclaimed about any device running the harmony platform. If you are angry, you should be. Especially if you are a fan of Notion Ink, because recently they said they were working on a HC port of their software. If that happens, google won’t support it so you won’t be getting the market, gmail, maps and the like. There is a very good chance the original Galaxy Tab lineup from Samsung will get the same treatment. I know this is supposed to be a step int he direction of less fragmented devices, but why should us tablet owners be caught in the transition?


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