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As you’ve probably already heard, Verizon has apparently started a silent release of the official Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) update for the Droid X. So those that are running the stock 2.3.340 on their DX  are starting to see the update automatically download to their phones and nag them to apply it. Naturally, P3Droid and Team Black Hat were all over this from the start and have been examining the update to figure out whether it’s safe to install, as far as the ability to root and/or SBF afterwards, or not. Below are some key points on what has been figured out so far:

  • The official update is a newer build than the one leaked by TBH a couple weeks ago.
  • This build is Blur version 4.5.588, Baseband 01.09.12P, Build 4.5.1_57_DX5-18 (Leaked is 4.5.573, 4.5.1_57_DX5-3, 01.09.07P, respectively)
  • The update will only install if you are running stock 2.3.340 (last official Froyo build)
  • If you’re running the above stock you can prevent the update from downloading by deleting adsense.apk from /system/app (must be rooted to do so, of course)
  • Contrary to what was previously believed, you actually CAN SBF back to Froyo using the  2.3.340 SBF file (confirmed by P3Droid)

Team Black Hat is working on getting a pre-rooted official update released. P3Droid suggests that you should make a backup of your current data in clockwork, as you can restore your data after updating (by going to Advanced Restore and choosing data only). In order to flash their update you’ll have to be on stock 2.3.340, rooted and have D2 bootstrap (not DX..) installed.

That’s where we are so far, we’ll try to keep you updated as best as we can. And of course you should follow @P3Droid on Twitter for the most up to date info.

Update: Team Black Hat has rooted the official update

Update 2: A post over at blogs.computerworld.com is claiming that Verizon has NOT started an update rollout, quoting a VZW rep as saying “We haven’t pushed a software update to the Droid X”. If this is the case, then I’m not really sure how this update got to the phone of the person that got the file to P3Droid.

Update 3: Team Black Hat has indicated that their rooted version of the update will be a multi-part update (flash 3 zips consecutively in recovery). They also tweeted around 4PM EST that they should be releasing their version in “4 – 5 hours”, setting the release time somewhere in teh 8-9PM EST range.

All future TBH news will be tweeted via their new twitter account, @Team_Black_Hat, instead of from P3Droid’s.

Source: @P3Droid@Team_Black_HatDroidXForums, blogs.computerworld.com

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