Motorola Xoom sales are as bad as you can imagine

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I think that most people would agree they didn’t think the Xoom was going to be a big seller. It was priced much higher than it should have been, didn’t offer any advantages over the popular ipad (no sd could be used even with the port, no 4g oob) and still to this day has a very small bit of apps that are made just for tablets. Even the design has left something to be desired. Why is the power button on the back of the tablet? I get they were trying to incorporate it into a place where it’s accessible when holding the device naturally, but people don’t need to hit the power button often. It leads people searching for it in an uncomfortable manor at first. First impressions are everything. The xoom is just kind of that family member that wants to be classy like the rich uncle, spends a bunch of money on nice clothes then pulls up in a ford pinto and drinks PBR. You can look the part, even act with a nice OS but when people really get into how usable the xoom is over the competition it fails.

All that being said here are some numbers. In two months sales are between 25,000 and 120,000 units sold. If you think 120,00 isn’t bad in two months it was estimated and hoped to sell 3 to 5 million of the devices. The low number is simply embarrassing and the high number is frightening. Has one company already locked in a monopoly on the tablet market? I doubt it. See, Iphone was THE phone to have for a while. To some, it still is. But the past year has left many people believing if you choose an iphone you are limiting yourself. Why? Android had something iphone didn’t for free: turn by turn directions. It still does. It has a nice UI and tons of options. The app store is plentiful and the choices for price and phone specs have a huge range. Add all of that up, why settle for what Steve Jobs tells you is all you need in a phone?

Android needs a tablet that is just like the phones. Competitively priced(aka cheaper) but feature rich with a good support system. Google needs devs to jump on the android tablet dev scene. There are a number of tablet coming out that are priced on par with the Ipad coming up soon. Getting back to the Xoom, that is almost a death sentence. The xoom is $599 for the wifi only version. You can get an Acer transformer for $399 this week that is almost exact in specs. Less memory, but a 16 gig card doesn’t cost $200. What does the Xoom have left to stand on? 4g connectivity? Sure, but Samsung will have that trumped in just a couple months as well. Motorola is starting to lose it’s grip. Overpricing and locking down it’s devices. at CES they told the world it had the first dual core phone, and on Verizon it still hasn’t seen light. Probably wont for a bit. What does moto and the Xoom plan to do to keep it’s name relevant?


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