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We, along with everybody else, reported last week that Verizon is planning on giving the 1-year contract option the axe starting on April 17th. Well it seems like they got a little antsy and elminated the option from online ordering five days early (see “Pricing for” options in image above). A reader tipped them of to this development and provided a snippit of his online chat with the customer service rep:

Zack: Why can I not select 1-year contract pricing for a phone?

Tristal (VZW rep): How are you this morning Zack?

Tristal: If you are upgrading, you have to be completely out of contract to get that option.

Zack: It showed me the option on Monday

Tristal: It does show the option, but as you continue with the order, you will see where it change back to 2 year depending on your eligible.

Zack: Even if you are not signed in to the account and just go to the verizon website it does not show 1-year contracts

Zack: I thought 1-year contracts were going away the 17th of April

Tristal: Ok, let me check. One moment please.

Tristal: Zack, the 1-year contract did go away yesterday for online orders.

It might be a different case in-store up until the 17th, but if you order online right now you will not be presented with the 1-year contract option. This leaves your contract options to: 2-year contract or Month-to-month (have to pay full retail for the phone).

Source: Droid-Life

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