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Now that Mobile Shell 3d has been out a bit, how are you liking it? We took some time with the good people over at SPB and asked them some questions about the idea behind the software, and where they want to take it in the future. Read ahead for the answers.

1.Thank you for the opportunity to ask some questions about your release of SPB Shell 3D for Android. I personally used your software for windows mobile and it was one of the few things that made the phones acceptable. What does this release bring to Android that stands apart from the other launchers on the market?

The main goal of creating SPB Shell 3D was to provide the next generation  user experience by transforming the whole Home screen into a 3D space while keeping all advantages of Android.

Usually the 3D elements are used only to achieve the WOW effect without caring much about the usability. With SPB Shell 3D the third dimension improves usability and makes the interaction much more intuitive than it was before with 2D. And of course we took into account the crucial part of usability – performance. Great performance makes the difference between good and perfect UI. The underlying SPB UI Engine makes the UI as fast, natural and fluid as possible.

A new patent-pending technology of smart folders can be good example of the SPB approach to mobile usability. Many people find that they start using less and less of the applications they have put into a folder. This happens because these applications are out of the main home screen context. SPB Shell 3D folders allow to reach the most important applications directly from  the home screen and launch them in one tap.

The other question of creating the launcher with the advanced visual effects is how to save the battery life. SPB Shell 3D consumes less battery power than popular UI solutions from top device as the battery tests confirm.
2. From the what we have seen it seems the software handles apps, widgets and folders differently than native android with its tile approach. Do you feel this will make for an easier learning curve for users new to android, and what was the inspiration for the UI?

Working on SPB Shell 3D UI we aimed to use all advantages of Android. Therefore we tried to keep it as simple and easy to manipulate as possible for those who are already used to their Android smartphones as well as for those who are new to Android. The main idea was to allow users to enjoy the look and feel of their handsets. It inspired us to work hard to match the users’ demand for the convenient and eye-thrilling interface.

As for the learning curve, SPB Shell 3D definitely makes it easier. The user can just take the device and start using it intuitively.


3. What system requirements will be needed to run the Shell 3D? Will all phones be supported at release?

SPB Shell 3D supports Android 2.1 and higher. The main hardware requirement for SPB Shell 3D is an OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible hardware accelerator. Moreover, our design goal was to make sure that SPB Shell 3D can also work on new Android platforms. We don’t tweak the underlying OS and minimize dependencies on OS features that can be broken in the upcoming releases.

4. When did the company decide to begin android development, and what excites you most about this software?

We started thinking about developing for Android OS as soon as it appeared. And now it’s our main focus. The main reason for it is the growing need for customized OS. The OEMs won’t ship the UI which is not highly customizable as well as the end-users value the opportunity to personalize their handsets. Android OS  gives much more flexibility to Android developers than any other OS.

5. Do you plan to release to the Android market as well as the Amazon android market, or just a single market release? 

We plan to release to different markets but we need to make sure that they can provide the appropriate protection algorithms to ensure the products distribution safety.

6. What future developments do you have planned for Shell 3D, or Android in general?

After the SPB Shell 3D release we collect users opinion on it and right now our development plans directly depend on users needs. As soon as we have any news regarding SPB Shell 3D or other products releases we’ll notify everyone via SPB website, newsletter and all social networks.

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