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One of the many virtues of Android is it’s plethora of Launchers. The entire point of Launchers are to give you a new “home screen experience.” Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but It’s not. They allow you customize your phone in many impressive ways. Some even mimic other operating system’s user interfaces. To prove it to you, I’m going to show you Launcher 7 Free. ¬†Launcher 7 gives your home screen a very convincing Windows Phone 7 UI (aka. Metro UI).

First off I’m going to tell you that the above screenshot does not do this launcher justice. It looks beautiful on my Droid X. I’ve been using for several days, and it is very fast, and very customizable. The idea of the Metro UI are Tiles. They display live information, like the number of missed calls, amount of unread texts .ect. These tiles are customizable by color, opacity, icon, and image. In fact you can have 2×1 (Horizontal), and 1×2 (Vertical) tiles. The launcher includes several icons for stock applications, and market apps. If so inclined you can create your own icons, and select them from the SD card.

Smaller aspects of the UI include the app drawer being very similar to the Metro UIs, which is interchangeable with the original Android drawer. Swiping you finger to the right brings you back to the tiled home screen. You also have the option to replace the status bar with Windows Phones 7s. It’s simplistic, and goes with the theme.

Lastly, I think I will be using the Launcher for a while. It’s fast, suits my needs, and ¬†over looks great. I’ve played with an actual Windows Phone 7 phone before, and this launcher does a very good job at mimicking it. I give props to the developer Timo Kujala for his hard work, and his awesome job at getting the Metro UI right. I used the free version of this launcher for this review but will no doubt buy the donate version (Removes ads in the app drawer). If you’re on Android are looking for a taste of Redmond check out Launcher 7 in the Android Market.

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  • onggeo says:


    I just wanna ask if the notification bar can still be pulled down when using this launcher and if the WP7 notification bar can be pulled down. (LG O1 user)


    • Joey Lucas says:

      You can still pull down the notification bar, but it will overlay the WP7 until you slide it back up. You can enable the notification bar to show your battery status, but other than that, I have not seen a way for it to replace your current notification bar.