RUMOR: Are honeycomb tablets being delayed because of the Xoom?

| April 15, 2011 | Reply

Digitimes is reporting that many planned honeycomb tablets are being delayed because they are scared to bring them to market. The xoom sales haven’t exactly gone as planned, and it worries some manufacturers. With word out today that the Acer Iconia tab is delayed, is there any truth to this? I think the Ipad 2 kind of stole the thunder from the xoom, deservedly so. The xoom was overpriced from the start. Couple that with the fact there are less than 50 tablet apps when it launches and you have a sure loser. The next gen of honeycomb tabs will be priced much lower, but will that matter? Do android tablets right now feel more like a large phone than a better experience? These are all questions that will be answered int he coming months with sales numbers. the Ipad2 is killing it in sales, so as of right now Android 3.0 is kind of a stick in the mud.

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