Rumor: DROID Bionic cancelled?

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I’m not going to go very far into this because as the title says this is just a rumor, but according to a couple sources (who have sources) the Motorola Droid Bionic may have (or may not have) been cancelled.

Droid Life is reporting the rumor that the Bionic has been completely scrapped for the Motorola Targa and points to chatter in Howard Forums that backs it up. But at the same time they’re citing a post by Mr. Pand (@Black_Man_X) in AndroidCentral Forums that it has NOT been cancelled and will be ready for it’s release date, whenever that may be…

The guys over at TechnoBuffalo are reporting a similar “Bionic has been scrapped” rumor but also adds that a source told them the phone is actually being retooled with better specs than what it sported back at CES…

So there you go. The rumors are flying and we’ll sit back and see how this all turns out.

Sources: Droid-Life, TechnoBuffalo, Howard Forums, Android Central Forums

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