Rumor: Iphone 5 will look the exact same

| April 18, 2011 | Reply

Appleinsider is reporting from a very reliable source that the Iphone5 will beast a better antenna design, qualcomm radio chip, 8mp rear camera and thats about the only changes. It seems if you were wishing for a 4inch device or 4g connectivity you will have to latch onto being a fanboi a little harder and say things like speed and size don’t matter when it comes to phones once again. The outside will look exactly the same according to reports. This isn’t much of a surprise as the Iphone 3g brought on the 3gS the following year and then the Iphone4 followed that. Will they even call it the Iphone5, or just the 4g with use in mind as well as look?

Source: Appleinsider

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