Samsung and Apple…Fight!

| April 22, 2011 | Reply

Apple sued Samsung for making a phone that looked just like the iphone. Samsung promised it could participate in the pissing contest. Now they have joined in. The two rely on each other for profits. Samsung makes chipsets for Apple, and Apple makes money for Samsung. What is all this bickering about? Who cares. Every company sues every other company and then they decide they like each other again and drop the lawsuits. As far as apple claiming that Sammy stole the Iphone design, take a look at this photo.

Lets see, rounded design, larger icon interface and a bottom centralized area for most common apps. Large single button on front. Crazy huh?! Sure, the iphone display looks much better but that doesn’t seem to be what Apple is suing over. Either way, let’s hope these two can work it out, share a yoohoo and get back to playing nice and producing great looking products. If you want more details please follow the link after the story.

Source: Bloomberg

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