Samsung Posts Froyo Kernel Source For Fascinate

| April 15, 2011 | Reply

The day has finally come. Samsung has posted its kernel source code for the Verizon Fascinate (Version ED01)¬†and from what I’ve seen so far, people are not that excited. Maybe because its taken almost a full calendar year for Samsung to get an acceptable kernel working and many developers jumped ship from getting tired of waiting. I mean lets face it, a year for a phone is equal to 50 human years. So way to go Samsung and Verizon for utterly destroying an awesome piece of hardware with terrible support. Fascinate users just pray that guys like @_JT1134_ will get you what you need with this source. Because Lord knows VZW and Sammy won’t. Anytime soon at least…

If you haven’t sold your VZW Fascinate already and know what to do with this, download the Kernel source HERE

Do you still have your Fascinate? Do you still love it? Let us know below!

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