The Gizmo Ninja’s Week in Review

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Here’s what the Ninja has been talking about…

Android News

Samsung Posts Froyo Kernel Source For Fascinate

Toshiba Android Honeycomb Tablet Gets Spec’d, Amazon Page

Rumor: DROID Bionic cancelled?

[Update: ROOTED] More Droid X Official Gingerbread Update News

Gizmoninja Exclusive: VZW Galaxy Tab Gets Love From Boushh

[Updated] Official Droid X OTA update trickling out?

Skype with video for HTC Thunderbolt – Get it while it’s hot!

CWR For HTC Thunderbolt Fixes Power Off Charging

CyanogenMod 7 Final Release Available Now

BlackBerry News

Twitter for Blackberry version Now Available

Game News

First episode in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series is released

Blind Gamer Uses Sound to Beat Video Games

Mobile News

Nokia not doing much with MeeGo, LG glad to step in

No more 1-Year Contracts Via

Nokia Still Trying…Announces Two New Smartphones and Symbian Anna

Tech News

Samsung will NOT lock its bootloaders

Homebrew your own Geiger Counter!!

RUMOR: Are honeycomb tablets being delayed because of the Xoom?

LG Optimus 2x is available for order at T-Mobile

GN Deals of the day – Including 2 Windows 7 ultimate licenses for $94

If you have skype for Android installed, you should probably remove it.

Ios 4.3.2 is ready for download

Now you can create a custom background image and theme for gmail

Comcast now offers 105mbps home internet

Verizon Guy is Gone, who is going to check our network now?

Thunderbolt Owners: No Sense 3.0 for you?

The GN Deals For Today – Including a Viewsonic Gtab for $279

Rooted Gingerbread 2.3.3 for the Droid X is upon us thanks to @p3droid

Windows phone mango is coming and it looks pretty good!

Our Interview With SPB About Mobile Shell 3D

T-Mobile Wants To Give You Unlimited Everything – Sorta

The GN Deals For Today – Including an Xperia X10 Mini for $179.99

Windows 8 early build leaked

Wondering when you could use the SD slot on your Xoom? How bout now!

If you own a Notion Ink or Viewsonic GTab, you have obsolete hardware (what?).

Microsoft wants you to take a peek at Internet Explorer 10

T-Mobile Announces The HTC Sensation 4G

The GN Deals For Today – Including an xbox360 wireless N adapter for $49.95

What year was the first digital camera made? If you guessed 1975, you’d be right

How many trees were destroyed to make this commercial in a forest?

Intel pulling a Microsoft on tablet chips?

Navy Ship uses solid laser to torch a boat.

The GN Deals For Today – Including a Core2Duo laptop for $279

WP7 Phone

Windows Phone 7 Devs to Get Improved Development Tools

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