Twitter Reaches 155 Million Tweets Per Day, Most of them by P3Droid and Lady GaGa

| April 7, 2011 | Reply

Not that you needed anyone to tell you, but this twitter idea is getting pretty popular. It seems everyone has it, uses it or at least reads it. You can get the quick thoughts of your favorite musician, actor or famous person. You can keep up with updates from news sources and blogs (folow @thegizmoninja pls) without going to several different sites. Twitter PR starting sharing stats and they are quite staggering. It also tells you how android is growing faster than the rest of the mobile media. “Q1 increase in Twitter app monthly users – 104% Android, 72% iPad, 55% iPhone, 51% Blackberry”. Check out the twitter feeds in the link. And the joke about @p3droid is just that, nothing else. He is a big part of the hacker community.You should follow him.

Source: @twitterglobalpr

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