[UPDATED] New @DroidLanding Scavenger Hunt is for the Droid Charge

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As some of you may recall, @DroidLanding is a Twitter account for Verizon Wireless that was used to broadcast clues for a huge nationwide scavenger hunt for free Droid X phones prior to it’s launch. Over the course of some weeks they tweeted clues on the general locations of the 21 phones that they were giving away (actual phones weren’t hidden, certificates were). As it got closer to giveaway time the clues got more and more specific. Once they were ready to give away one they would tweet the GPS location of the actual location and bunches of people would rush to the spot and frantically search for the certificate. One of our good friends, @conorlmcbride (aka “Gskellig”), actually won the Droid X that was found in Seattle (technically his girlfriend found it) and still uses it to this day!

More recently the Twitter account was used to tweet clues for a Droid R2D2 contest where they gave away 8 of those prior to launch. This one was a little different, involving decoding messages to unlock stuff on the R2D2 website.

Well now it looks like VZW is prepping for another giveaway of some sort… After being dormant since January 7th a new tweet appeared yesterday, reading “Reactivation protocols initiated. DSC operational. System test complete. Field agents await instructions.”
While this initial tweet obviously doesn’t give any useable information I think it pretty much establishes that they’re prepping for the launch of a new phone in the DROID line. The question is, which phone will it be? We know that Motorola has devices such as the Droid X2, Droid 3 and the LTE-equipped Targa (unknown whether that will be a “Droid”) up their sleeves. And then we also have Samsung’s Droid Charge and HTC’s Droid Incredible 2 (rumors of April 28th launch), which are probably closer to a launch than the aforementioned devices.

So which device will the latest contest be for? Your guess is as good as ours, although I’d venture to say it’s probably either the Charge or Inc 2.. All we can do at this time is wait and keep an eye on @DroidLanding.

Which device do YOU think it will be? Let us know in the comments below!


UPDATE: Well we have another tweet, and this one makes it pretty obvious that the latest contest is for the Droid Charge. The latest tweet reads “DroidLanding Online. Systems Alpha Go. Confidence is high. Visit chargelanding.com http://bit.ly/dFYzfP #chargelanding

When you hit up the link given in the tweet (www.chargelanding.com) you’ll see a textbox that says:

Something mysterious is happening.
And at the center is Droid Charge.

Help track down the source:
Follow @droidlanding on Twitter. Scan the area on m.chargelanding.com on your smartphone, laptop or desktop. Share your findings. Return every day to check the map atchargelanding.com.

If you hit up the mobile URL above you are taken to a special mobile version of the site, where it asks for your name and email in order for you to “Enter the Tracking System”. Once you enter your info you are taken to a page where it allows you to scan and share the results. The scan results are displayed in a strange format, for instance one of my results was “++0.986 + 2.402i++”. The result changes each time you scan.

Below the message above (and on the mobile site) is a countdown stating when the “Next Anomaly” is expected.

There is also a map with four regions, West, Midwest, Northeast and South. When you rollover the regions with your mouse the area map to the left zooms in to the level of a handful of states in that region.

If you read the Rules & Regulations it sounds an aweful like the Droid X scavenger hunt, but with some added twists. For instance it looks like the clues won’t be (at least not primarily) sent via Twitter. The mobile site seems to be the central component here.

So, as the “How to Win a Droid Charge” section of the site says, load up m.chargelanding.com on your smartphone every day at 4:28PM Hawaii Standard Time (10:28 EST, 9:28 CST, 7:28 PST) and hit Scan. Share your results via Twitter and/or Facebook and repeat each day.

UPDATE: Check out the teaser video below!



Source: @DroidLanding, ChargeLanding, m.chargelanding.com

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