An E-cigarette company wants to be the facebook of smoking

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Blu e-cigs, I guess are pretty popular. They are attempting to become a groundbreaking company with their vaopr cigarettes. Now they are attempting to add social networking to their catalog.

Imagine this: You are hanging out in a bar g on your fake cig, and all the sudden you feel a vibration in your pocket, but it isn’t your phone. You reach in and pull everything out of your pocket and notice it is your cigarette pack lighting up and vibrating. Now you know someone else has spent $80 on 5 e-cigs and is within 50 feet of them. Chances of them being a hot trendy girl who understands you for who you are and embraces your inner nerd? Slim. Chances it’s another guy who cant wait to add your Xbox gamer tag and play some classic TMNT with you? Much higher. And if you decide the smoking suitor is acceptable the pack will allow you to share contact information, Facebook pages and other data without much work.

The company really is planning on releasing this product that will also let you know when you are close to a retailer with the same vibration and light notification. Blu has also said they are working on an app to make the e-cig game more fun. Remember when Camel got busted because that Joe Camel cartoon guy was apparatus being marketed for kids? Be prepared Blu. Congress may be knocking soon. Check your pocket for details.

Source: NY Times

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