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Looking for a fun, free app to play with on an otherwise ho-hum Monday night?  Do you find yourself always updating your Android phone settings to better fit your current situation?  If you’re still nodding, you should check out the free (for Androids running 2.1 and higher) Llama app.  Llama automates settings like bluetooth, gps, music volume, and screen brightness by detecting the conditions surrounding you and your phone.  Intrigued?

Llama reacts mostly to location, allowing you to associate certain phone settings with common places you use your phone.  The app doesn’t only work on detected locations though, it can also change phone settings under different kinds of conditions: time of day, battery level, charging status, audio/video play mode, etc.  Cool, right?  You could program your phone to only vibrate when you’re at work, or to turn the screen brightness all the way up when charging.

What do you think?  I can kind of see this being a useful app…especially for those of us who have to sit and listen to phones ringing (playing music, message notifications, voicemail alerts, etc.) that have been left behind on empty desks while their owners are off in meetings all day. Sorry, am I the only one who finds that annoying?  At any rate…maybe Llama can help!

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