Barnes and Noble announces new Nook!.. But it’s not what you might think…

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Barnes and Noble had a big announcement today. A new, second-gen Nook is coming – but it’s not bigger iPad-sized tablet as some rumors suggested.

The latest Nook is a small, cheap E-Reader with a touchscreen. Oh, and a battery that last 2 months (TWO MONTHS!) on a single charge! That’s a pretty impressive battery life, and I’d guess it’s music to the ears of those looking for an E-Reader-only device.

The new Nook is being billed as the most simplistic e-reader ever created. It features a full touchscreen 6 inch PEARL display with a new Nook interface. The screen is said to have 50% better contrast then the original Nook 3G and WFI. This new e-reader is blazing fast with the 800Mhz processor it has underneath the hood. It has a very a cool virtual keyboard that allows you to type notes, letters or emails. It has 2 GB of internal storage to hold your books and media content and you can further expand it via Micro SD up to 32 GB. The new unit has built in WIFI to access the internet and you can connect up free in any AT&T Hotspot or in any Barnes and Noble Store. Physically the unit only has 1 button, which is 37 fewer then the Kindle the CEO Joked.

This new model is 35% lighter and 15% thinner then previous Nook iterations. One of the most exciting features is that it is said to have 80% less refresh rate when you turn the pages, so you get less of the `flashing`effect. Battery Life was said to last almost 2 full months on a charge.

The new Nook 2 has a feature called `Nook Friends`that allows you to share recommendations for books and also send those books you dig to Facebook and Twitter. They also have developed a new website called ``giving customers a new and unique experience to buy and download ebooks online.

Nook 2 owners will be able to subscribe to newspapers, magazines and buy over 2.2 million ebooks in the Barnes and Noble online catalog. You will also have access to PUBIT books, which are submitted by independent authors.

It should be up for pre-order later today and will hit the market on June 7th – 9th 2011 for $139. What about the original Nook WIFI and Nook 3G?  The WIFI is going to drop to $119 and the 3G $169.

Update: If you’re itching to grab one of these things you can actually head over to the Barnes and Noble website right now to pre-order it.


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