CM7.1 pre-Alpha update RC0.1 for Thunderbolt adds Netflix Support!

| May 17, 2011 | 3 Replies

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Slayher from TeamDouche just released a new test build of CyanogenMod 7.1 for Thunderbolt. This update brings the version to cm-7.1.0-RC0.1. Note that this is still an early Pre-alpha release meaning there ARE bugs.

The most notable fixes in this version include improved WiFi, GPS, and *drumroll please* Netflix support!

This most recent download (RC0.1 rather than RC0) also includes a fix for the camcorder which was broken on the same release just minutes-earlier.



To to sum it all up, NOT working in this pre-release are:

  • EASY switching to 4G (though 4G DOES work, it just requires some fiddling about)
  • Google Talk w/ video only works for outgoing video, you cannot see incoming video. (This seems to be working fine on the gapps linked in this post)
  • Skype w/ Video support simply will not install, due to Skype’s limited install requirements

To get this update, head over to TeamDouche’s mirror and download the zip. (Sometimes you have to click it twice)

Also, here is the newest Gapps zip. (Hosting by

Last but not least, here is the Market APK for Netflix, since it still will not show up in the market.
LINK IS BEING VERY ODD, Here’s the URL, just copy/paste:

To install:

Make a backup in Clockwork recovery

Wipe data and cache in Recovery and Flash the cm7 zip and the gapps zip.

If you want the workaround to get 4G, it’s below.  Its kinda involved, but seems to work most of the time.

TO GET 4G on CM7 pre-alpha 7.1 RC0.1:

1. First, go to  Settings, Wireless & networks, Mobile networks. Set your Network Mode to “CDMA / EvDo auto”

2. You should see a white 3G icon, which will shortly turn green (a few minutes for some people)

3. THE INSTANT THE 3G ICON TURNS GREEN, switch your Network Mode to “CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto”

4. Do not touch your phone after this. Let it sit, let the screen turn off. And let it sit for at least 3 minutes.

5. Turn your screen back on.  If you have 4G, congrats! if you still see a Green 3G icon, let the screen time out again, give it more time, if you eventually lose the data altogether, or get a green 4G with no actual data, start over again, it eventually works.

Note that even when 4G is working perfectly you will not show any bars. That is just how it is for now.
If you can’t even get 3G (not even the white icon) set your phone to EvDo only, and restart, then switch to CDMA / EvDo auto and continue from step 2.

Good luck! and enjoy this test release courtesy of TeamDouche and Tony Layher!  If you need more help, their IRC channel is on and it’s #slayher

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  • 'jamin says:

    4G phone doesn’t even work well with 4G? what a piece of garbage phone!

  • WACOMalt says:

    4G phone works perfect on 4G out fo the box. This is a custom Rom. Written from scratch. Not at all a judging point of the phone. Oh also, it’s Pre-alpha.

    Bugger off.

  • BodyMarks says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your efforts getting CM7 onto the Thunderbolt. I had to reflash, but on the 2cnd go I got a good install. Bluetooth, wifi, 3g (don’t get 4g in my home), camera, video are all working splendidly. My great deity, this is pre alpha but it is more than good enough to be my daily rom. Sweet. Hope for good battery stats. Thanks again. ;)