[Updated: Now $49.97] Droid X/Droid X2 Accessories Bundle for only $20? Yes Please!

| May 25, 2011 | 8 Replies

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the pricing might have been a mistake and has been changed to $49.97.. =/

It’s still a pretty good deal but obviously not nearly as good as it was at $20. Sorry if you weren’t able to catch it while it was $20.


If you are a Droid X owner or will soon be a Droid X2 owner I don’t know how you can pass this deal up… Verizon is practically giving away¬†the “Droid X Essentials Pack”¬†accessory bundle that includes:

…All for just $19.99!

If you’re not aware, that’s an INSANE deal! If you were to buy all of those individually you’d rack up a bill of about $145. Heck, back when I bought my DX I think I spend like $30-$40 on the car mount alone!

They’re calling it a “Launch Week” special offer, so I’m assuming it will run until Friday or maybe Saturday… Check out the instructions below on how to find the deal on Verizon’s site!

1. Go to www.vzw.com.

2. Click on “Accessories”

3. Scroll down to “Bundles” and click “Learn more”

4. Choose the “Droid X2 by MOTOROLA”

5. The bundle should appear, add it to your cart and proceed through checkout!

6. Pat yourself on the back for taking advantage of an awesome deal!


Source: Slickdeals Via: Droid-Life

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  • OnMy2ndGP says:

    I’m not getting that price when I go to their site. :-(

  • tsandog31@hotmail.com says:

    They changed the price to 49.97 not sur eif it will discount when i add it to the cart. Nope still 49.97 darnit.

  • The Tabe says:

    OnMy2ndGP, Are you logged into the VZW site when you’re doing it? Try logging out and then try. I forgot to include that part! =P

  • tsandog31@hotmail.com says:

    Well i am not logged into mine and its still showing 49/97 check it i think they realized they were loosing money so upped the price.

  • The Tabe says:

    Yeah, thanks for the heads up guys. Looks like they have indeed upped the price to $49.97.. =/
    Still a good deal, but $20 was definitely sweeter.

  • tsandog31@hotmail.com says:

    I must have missed it by like a few hours its easy to push specials out and hit a 1 vs a 4 on the keypad its just below and if no one is verifying well i guess peeps got a deal for a day. ill still probably purchase it as its still a good deal.