Free Xbox 360 With Purchase of a Windows 7 PC

| May 19, 2011 | Reply

I can see the “back to school” shopping lists now: extra long sheets, towels, Windows 7 PC, Xbox 360…Hold it, back up…

With most college spring semesters finishing up this time of year, Microsoft has announced their new back-to-school promotion for college students: Purchase a new Windows 7 PC, and get a FREE Xbox 360 4GB game console. Free? That’s pretty good. Want details? Buy a new computer for at least $699, direct from lovely Redmond, WA, or a Windows partner (HP, Dell…) and the Xbox is yours. To order online, you must have a .edu email address. To purchase in-store, you must present your student ID.

“Get ready to be the coolest kid on your dorm floor with a killer new Windows 7 PC and an Xbox 360 — all you really need for college,” the company says. I’m sure that’s totally what parents of college-age kids are thinking, “Junior failed his microeconomics class last semester, but thank goodness for that free Xbox! At least he’s popular!”

Source: Microsoft via engadget

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