Google Music is good, but not the best thing ever for music lovers.

| May 11, 2011 | Reply

I see plenty of people on twitter, irc, email and forums touting google music as this amazing revolution in online music storage. I would urge all of you to slow down and think about this for a second, because you are skimming on sounding fanboi.

Let me say that I am very excited to use the service, and I think it will be great to have a centralized cloud storage base for my tablets, phones, and pc’s. It will be nice to load up the music app and get all of my songs without taking up space on my microsd card. The interface looks easy and playlists are a breeze. But what really sets this aside from other online music gigs?

Amazon allows you to buy music and put it to the cloud. That’s one thing google doesn’t yet offer. Did you also know google may delete some of your music if it feels it is violating any copyright laws? The search giant will incorporate the same tech for finding such music as it does for youtube. So if you downloaded some music from a torrent or newsgroup and google can be sure of it, then it wont last. Sounds kind of fishy huh? What about if you have, say, a local dj’s mix on your cloud storage? There is no way you bought rights to every song on there, so maybe that will be gone too? And if you want to, it might end up a very expensive service.

You also have to download an app to use it. On other services this isn’t the case. Google music also cannot recommend other songs that you might like, because you cannot buy songs from Google.  What we all need is a mix of Amazon, Pandora, and Google music in one. A use anywhere music cloud that can recommend music, let us buy it, store it, let us put anything we want on the site and share it when we want. Let’s hope google can eventually form into this. For now though, try to service out when you actually have it before you tell me how it blows amazon music cloud, or any other music storage and player out of the water. Have points or thoughts on this? Please share in the comments


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