Have you seen reports that bees are becoming extinct? It’s because of cell phones.

| May 12, 2011 | Reply

If you have paid attention to any form of news the past few years, or checked your back yard you have noticed that bees are on the decline. Overall, they are a very important part of pollination and we need them for the environment. Scientists have been baffled, and scared of what caused this and how to fix it. It looks like one of those questions have been answered.

Scientists in Switzerland have conducted over 83(84, 85?) experiments in regards to this idea. All of them yielded the same result. When bees get around cell phones, they panic, fly out of their hives buss around all disoriented and die. The bees see the cell signal as a sign to leave, then they fly out, buzz 10x louder than normal and finally die. It’s pretty scary to think about. The good news is if you are ever stuck in a swarm, make a call. The bees will leave you alone and die off. This only happens when a phone is ringing or in a call, not when the phone is just in a non call mode. Let’s hope something can be done in future cell technology to stop this, because honey, agriculture and pollination are all important.

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