How To: Get gTalk2 (v1.3 for Android 2.3.4) on your GB Thunderbolt Leak

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I started trying out some apps yesterday to see if they’d work on this GB leak for the thunderbolt and got some nice surprises! “Talk2.apk” the gTalk app for Gingerbread that will bring video chat to your HTC Thunderbolt (if your running the Gingerbread leak) will work!

First, download this and just unzip it using root explorer.

This is a .zip containing the gTalk app and the Lib necessary to run it! (this is very similar to getting hulu to work) This whole process will be done with Root Explorer. If you are comfortable doing this another way, by all means. First, navigate to /system/app and copy a backup of your original Talk.apk (or rename it to .bak whichever you prefer). Next, navigate to /sdcard/extracted (or where ever you have root explorer set to extract to, this is default I believe) and copy and paste it into /system/lib. Don’t forget you’ll have to mount the system with the button in the top right corner. Next, find the file you just copied and long press on it to change permissions. Your permissions will have to look like this:


After you copy the lib file your going to go back to your extracted folder and find your Talk_with_AV (or whatever its named) and rename it to Talk.apk. After you rename it, copy it to /system/app and you will again have to change permissions on Talk.apk to the same as above.

Once you move both of these files, and change permissions, reboot and you should have the brand new gTalk app on your Gingerbread ROM for the Thunderbolt! Thanks to Sniper911 for the leak and Jcase and TeamAndIRC for making it work!

More coming shortly :) If you look closely at the permissions photo I attached you’ll have an idea of whats coming next :)

What do you think of the new gTalk? Comment below!

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