How to: Get netflix app working on almost every android phone

| May 14, 2011 | 1 Reply

First I must say this could wreck your phone, so don’t blame us if you do. It won’t as long as you ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP.

1. Download this file: Netflix apk

2. Install the apk (must have unknown sources checked in application settings).

3. Use root explorer (not free) or ES file explorer(free) from the market and navigate to /system and find the build.prop file

4. Copy and paste the file to your sd card for a backup.

5 Go back into /system and edit the build.prop file and find the lines with this text:



and change to:

ro.product.model=HTC Vision


6. Reboot phone and try it out. If the apk install failed initially you can install it now.

*note: If the changes to the build.prop above don’t work, try these:

ro.product.model=Nexus S


That’s it, pretty simple huh? Enjoy Netflix!

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