If you end up in a 747-8 at full throttle and no reverse thrusters, Boeing’s got yo covered for stopping [video]

| May 11, 2011 | Reply

Boeing and the FAA are pretty serious about safety on airlines. Boeing has equipped its new 747-8 with brakes that even when installed beyond the point of replacement requirements can stop a plane weighing in at 975,000 pounds at maximum thrust with zero reverse thrust and do it fairly quickly. After that, the tires will deflate themselves to protect against them blowing up from the heat the brakes produced which is about 2500 degrees F. Did I mention they started braking at over 200 mph as well? The brakes then sat for 5 minutes glowing bright red and caused no fire, and no damage to the plane other than needing new tires and brakes. That is pretty impressive. Head over to the link to check out the video.

Source: Boeing Via: Autoblog

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