Microsoft makes fives times as much cash from Android than from Windows Phone, makes perfect sense.

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This statement confused me, until I read about it. Then I guess it makes sense.  It is true, MS makes a bunch more by someone buying an Android phone than buying a Windows Phone 7 device. Why you ask? Well it’s just a numbers game for now.

In April 2010, Microsoft sued HTC over a patent issue. HTC agreed to pay $5 per handset sold to Microsoft. Since then, HTC has sold about 30 million phones, account for $150 million for Microsoft. During that same time, 2 million WP7 phones were sold, in which Microsoft gets $15 per phone from those. So they have taken in about $30 million in that time.

On top of that, MS is suing other phone makers for the same type of things and is estimated to get between $7.50 and $12.50 per phone sold. Microsoft seems to be doing pretty well from Android’s success. And with WP7 Mango coming, I am willing to bet they sell a lot more WP7 phones this fall and after that.

Source: Gizmodo

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