Notes from Google I/O Keynote

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Android at home being discussed. Designed to integrate an open wireless protocol for all devices to work together. Android at home compatible lights by year end. Built on their own to be controllable wireless.

Android open accessory announced. Designed to work across all 300+ android devices. Built into the o/s is a recognition system when a usb connection is plugged in that will load information from that device for use. Android ADK will be a small device used for developing on open accessory. for more information.

Google Music announced to no surprise. You can upload, download and stream music over the air. Recent songs will be cached for offline listening, or you can select “listen offline” and the songs will remain cached for listening when not connected online.

Movie rentals on Android that will be able to stream across multiple devices. HD will be $4.99

Ice Cream Sandwich

Face recognition technology with eye movement adaptation

ICS will go across the phone, tablet, Netbook platform



Google tv adding android market this summer.

Android 3.1

Sizeable scrolling widgets.

Adding support for a ton of usb devices. Keyboards, mice, controllers and so on.




I am going to try to hit you with information as it unloads.

Google has reached 100 Million android activations.

They are activating 400,000 devices per day.

There have been 4.5 billion application installs.

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