Report: $20/Month Google Chrome Notebook Package Coming? Only 100mb of data per mo [UPDATED x2]

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There are reports that Google is preparing to announce a game-changing price point for its Chrome notebooks today at Google I/O.

According to Forbes, Google will announce a $20-a-month package for students that includes both the hardware and internet access, in what “is almost certainly a precursor to an enterprise offering.” An unnamed Google executive is quoted as saying “Small and medium-sized businesses are banging on our doors to get something like this”.

Google currently offers businesses a Cloud-based suite of software similar to Microsoft Office for $50 a year. Forbes points out that a laptop could be added to the deal rather cheaply, in the same way that a cell phone comes at a discount when tied to a calling plan.

And who better to test this out on than students? $20 a month is less than a data plan from any of the major carriers and then you add the fact that they’ll be getting a notebook along with that? Game over…

Google’s biggest hurdle is the issue of working offline when there is no internet access for the laptops, and they’re reportedly “very close” to clearing that hurdle.

So what do you think? Is this something that you would want to take advantage of? One of the first questions that popped in my head was “is the wireless data unlimited?” followed by “who, exactly is providing the data connection?” and finally “is there a multi-year contract involved?”. I guess I’ll have the answer to these questions soon.


Google announced that this will be available for schools and businesses starting June 15th. As we reported above it will be $20 for students, it will be $28 for businesses. The service will include hardware, updates, repairs and replacement when the newer devices are released.

UPDATE 2: After getting more details, the student package only comes with 100mb of monthly data for that $20 price. No talk on if you can add more data or not, but I am sure it will be an option. That makes us feel like it’s kind of a fail, how about you?

Source: Forbes

Via: Daily Tech

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