Update: Droid Charge To Launch Tomorrow, May 14th

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Update 2: Now we’ve received an email, complete with press release that even further confirms tomorrow’s release date:

Good afternoon,

The Droid Charge will go on sale in Verizon Wireless stores tomorrow, and online at www.verizonwireless.com at midnight Eastern. Below is a quick recap of the device features.

Update: It’s official now. The guys over at Android Central are now reporting that somebody at Verizon emailed them and officially confirmed that the Charge goes on sale tomorrow.

Yep, another Verizon DROID lineup release date report… This time it’s the Samsung Droid Charge who’s solid release date seems to have been discovered.

The Droid Charge was announced way back at CES but its initial April 28th launch date was put on hold, most likely because of Verizon’s nationwide 4G outage fiasco.

Still no official word from Verizon to confirm this release, but the guys over at Android Central say they have received a number of tips that have given them confidence in the report.

We’ve had a Droid Charge in our possession for a bit now, so watch for our full review to be coming soon. In the meantime, check out our quick look video.


Source: AndroidCentral


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