Rumor: Microsoft wants more than partnership with Nokia Mobile – Looking to buy now?

| May 16, 2011 | Reply

Everyone knows about the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, where MS is paying Nokia more than one billion dollars to promote and develop Windows Phone based handsets. Apparently that’s not good enough for Microsoft…

A rumor by Eldar Murtazin, a well-respected Russian leakster, says that Microsoft is now looking to purchase Nokia’s entire mobile division next week. Keep in mind this is just a rumor, but Murtazin  has previously proven credible by his news of the Microsoft/Nokia partnership well before it occurred. He is also well know as someone who is able to obtain Nokia prototypes way ahead of release. There aren’t currently any further details but I’m sure we’ll hear more very soon.

If true, what would this mean for Microsoft? Would they produce just one handset, a-la Apple and their iPhone? Would they pump out a number of different models? What would happen to the other manufactures that currently product Windows Phone 7 devices? Only time will tell…

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. And I’m sure Eldar Murtazin will as well, via Twitter and his website (see sources).


Source: (in Russian), @eldarmurtazin (Twitter)


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