Samsung Galaxy S II carrier names revealed – Attain, Function and Within

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Have you had your eye on the sleek looking and powerful Samsung Galaxy S II? I know a lot of you are… While we still don’t have any release dates we do now know what the official names will be for the different carriers:

  • AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S 2 Attain
  • Verizon: Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function
  • Sprint: Samsung Galaxy S 2 Within

The names were found listed with a silicone case that is for sale on the Wireless Xcessories Group website (image below). Couple that with the fact that Samsung had earlier filed for trademarks on the names Galaxy Attain, Function and Within, and I think we have confirmation on the final names. All three models will apparently share the same form factor, as evidence by them all being able to use this same gel case.

Notibly missing from the list are T-Mobile and US Cellular models. It’s unkown whether they just won’t be carrying the phone or what. We’ll probably find out on May 24th, the day that Samsung has scheduled a U.S.-based media event.

So what do you think? Are you waiting to get your hands on one of these?


Via: Engadget

Source: Wireless Xcessories Group

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