Share Files Easily, and in Real-Time, with Receivd

| May 10, 2011 | Reply

If you guys are anything like me, sometimes you wish you had some of the file-sharing capabilities you use at work available at home. Enter Receivd. Although it’s in private beta preview right now, this real-time file-sharing web application looks to be a promising and user friendly option. The idea is simple, identify your contacts, add your contacts, and share files with your contacts. Even simpler, and cooler, when you add a file to the web app, that file becomes available, in real time, to all of your contacts. How does it work? Just open up the web app, drag a file into the drop space, choose your contacts, and viola! On the other end, when you receive files, they show up in your inbox. Simple.

Want to try out the beta? Head on over to lifehacker for details.

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