Sony starting to see sales drop due to PSN going down

| May 13, 2011 | 1 Reply

Sony has been pretty happy with sales of its Playstation 3. Sony pissed off the wrong people. Sony is being sued. Sony is getting PS3′s returned and is now seeing a decline in sales and pre-orders of games. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? If you had any doubt how important online gameplay is to gamers this is a good litmus test.

UK retailers are reporting that back in March when customers bought a PS3 or xbox 360, 52% of them bought Black ops for PS3 and only 40% bought the same title for 360. Now after April 20, that number is 66% bought the 360 black ops, and only 24% bought black ops for ps3. The companies also report that returns of PS3 units are up 200%, and they have only sold 30-50% of the stock on hand.

I can imagine most game devs are now very unhappy with Sony and you may see lawsuits from them as well. You can’t sell in-game items or upgrades without a network. Sony is hoping to have the network back up within a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t help right now and it may not prevent something similar from happening in the future. Let’s all hope things get back to normal soon.

Source: Dailytech

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  • Luke MacNeil says:

    Also… Black Ops is inherently broken on the PS3… system lockups, broken matchmaking… That may also explain the drastic change on that one game in particular.