T-Mobile Launches Trade-In Program

| May 17, 2011 | Reply

I’m hoping we have lots of environmentally-conscious ninjas out there. If you are, and you’re on T-Mobile, it’s worth giving this new trade-in program a look. Newly launched, the program gives you the opportunity to trade in old phones you have around the house, that you haven’t sold, or that your kid likes to play with. Just bring the phone into any T-Mobile store, have the phone evaluated, and find out the trade-in value. You can also check out MyTradeins.com, using the promo code T-Mobile, to get started.

If your phone is in good condition and fully functional, it’s eligible for trade-in. Just send the phone to The Wireless Source, and wait for your check in the mail for the evaluated amount. Who doesn’t like getting checks in the mail? Use the money to treat yourself to that shiny new phone you’ve had your eye on!

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