Tell Your Thunderbolt To Stop Updating After Flashing Leaked RUU

| May 13, 2011 | 2 Replies

If you took the leak you may notice that if you check for software updates, the official OTA will still be waiting there for you to download and update. To get rid of this, download my build prop and copy it to /system via root explorer thus replacing the “old” one (or how ever you want to do it) and reboot. Check for updates again, and it should say you are up to date. Enjoy. <— download

**NOTE: I didn’t plan on releasing this but more people have noticed they are still being notified for the update… my build prop increased wifi scan interval to 120 seconds and Dalvik heap was changed to 48m from 24m.

Thanks to TeamAndIRC for the leaked RUU!

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  • thndrblt says:

    Could you please update the download link? I’m in desperate need.

  • thndrblt says:

    My phone keeps rebooting to update, failing and then comes up with a triangle and exclamation point. I’m able to get it to finally come back up, though usually it just reboots again. The link above is dead. Please help.