Tweetdeck now officially owned by Twitter

| May 23, 2011 | 3 Replies

Most people didn’t like the idea of twitter owning Tweetdeck, but that is too bad. Twitter has finalized the purchase at a whopping 40 million dollars. Now we will have to wait and see what kinds of things change for the app.

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  • Denham_MBA says:

    I think twitter, got tweetdeck on the cheap, if you consider that tweetdeck accounts for about 20% of twitter traffic and this 20% represent the most active users, didnt twitter come out, wile a go and disuse there revenue model in context of 100% of the they got tweetdeck on cheap sweet deal.. If tweetdeck had 20% of there 1 billion euro revenue model…

  • inyi says:

    The new tweetdeck is now more like of a twitter! its features are now limited, link does not automatically shortened and also you can no longer watch youtube video on tweetdeck,

    • Todd Tabern says:

      That’s too bad. First they make Tweetdeck start working like crap, causing tons of people to bail on it – And now they update it to be more like Twitter, without some of the features that made Tweetdeck awesome… Damn you, Twitter!