Want to have your name in movie credits about arcade games? That’ll be $10, or $5,000.

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Chinatown Fair is one of the last real Arcades in New York City. Or was, I should say. It was recently closed due to the rising costs of rent in the area. A filmmaker found the spot and decided to document the arcades last days, and would like to get the movie to the big screen. What does he need in moneys to make that happen? $20,000 to be exact. He set up a kickstarter page to raise the funds to finish the project. For $10 you can invest and get your name in the credits. For as much as $5,000 you can have a custom arcade cabinet made, tickets to the films premiere, a t-shirt, named as a producer in the opening credits and last but not least a coin from the now closed arcade. If you feel like helping the cause, check the link. There should be no problem raising the total funds as Kurt Vincent (filmmaker) has raised almost $14,000 in just a week and has three left for the final $8000 or so. You can also check the youtube video for his pitch here:



Source: kickstarter

Via: Joystiq

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