Windows phone 7 Mango – Getting even better! [Update]

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If I told you that when buying a windows 7 phone you would get better battery life, a more optimized app drawer with search, a more organized market and all around faster performance in website rendering and screen transition?  You would likely call me a fanboy and laugh. Later this year, this will be precisely what is going to be the truth unless android and ios pick up their game.

The major update known as Mango is going to add better multitasking, more languages, and a much deeper dev experience to help the struggling phone out. The sdk tools should be available next month to start developing on. You will be able to add tile integration and multitasking background audio, like the mlb or iheartradio apps have. The phone will also be getting angry birds in about two weeks. I honestly hope that MS keeps a time line in place for these updates and doesn’t botch it like they have the copy/paste update. Better OS makes for better competition. Will you be considering a WP7 at the end of your current contract?

UPDATE: More details are leaking out about the new windows phone software. The update will include turn by turn navigation, SMS dictation, a shazam like music ID app and a google goggles like barcode, tag,photo reader app as well. MS appears to have one competitor on it’s mind and it sounds as if they plan to really compete with them.

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