Worried about your ultra rare car being flooded? Make it float

| May 4, 2011 | Reply

A porsche America Roadster 964 is very valuable. Only 250 were made and it’s a Porsche. So calling up the ole insurance company when your house floods to replace it may take some time and more money than they would offer you for the car. So what’s an apparent wealthy guy to do when the rain starts coming? well, come up with some kind of large rubberized flotation device that will hold the weight, and tie it to your house of course!

Down near Louisville, KY a man did just that. His very nice looking house is probably very close to some water. An ariel photo shows that the man cared more for his car than his house, which is about right when you consider replacement value. Do any of our readers know if this is something marketed to people or if this man just made this thing up on his own? If so, I think there is a market for it. Floods seem to be the “in” disaster right now.

Source: Jalopnik

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