1Gbps may be coming to your home soon – for just $70

| June 13, 2011 | Reply

Might I also mention that includes 2 phone lines and unlimited long distance calling? Sound too good to be true? Well for now it might be. Sonic.net is starting small in California for about 700 homes to test its network which will be run by Stanford University on the backend. If that goes well San Fransisco is on the map for the first large city expansion. Then it will spread as fast as possible, I am sure. This is the kind of speed and price you see overseas right now, and the US is way behind. If this company can sustain profitability while giving out a gig per second internet then it will be a big step for the country in terms of technology equality for end users. The company plans to offer the 1Gbps service with the two phones lines for $69.99. And a slower budget 100Mbps (still way faster than most people’s home inet) with one phone line for $39.99.

Source: Ars Technica

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